The Nutters Club
The Nutters Club is an international first. It was created by Nutters, to forever change the way people, think, feel, act talk and behave in relation to our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and sexual well being; and in doing so encourage us all to take ownership of our own health and well being.

Launched in August 2009 The Nutters Club began as a national talkback show before morphing into a tv series, best selling book and supportive Facebook community. It fearlessly deals with issues surrounding mental health conditions: Bi-polar, anxiety ,panic attacks, depression, schizophrenia, abuse, suicide, alcohol & drug addiction are among the many topics covered. The show is candid and refreshing with guests openly share their life stories and struggles with Mike King (he\'s the head nut) and his clinical psychiatrist co-host David Codyre aka the Nutcracker.

The essence of the Nutters Club is best summarised in its statement of purpose. Nutters tasked with helping other Nutters live at peace with themselves and others, so that we can all lead meaningful lives.

Enjoy. More episodes coming soon!