euronews is the leading international news channel covering world news from a European perspective. euronews has access to uniquely rich and varied information streams through the Eurovision Exchange, its shareholders and major press and TV news agencies. Access to this wide range of sources enables euronews’ team of over 200 journalists to compare, analyse and report with balance, maintaining impartiality and avoiding a national viewpoint.

At euronews, we believe that the growing use of sensationalism in news influences and distorts the viewers’ perception of current global events. We truly believe in individual intelligence and think that the role of a news channel is to supply each person with sufficient information to allow the viewer to form his own opinion of the world. The work of the journalist is not to take sides, but rather to transcribe reality objectively and with complete integrity. This is the battle that euronews has led from the very beginning: to provide you with the facts and nothing but the facts. euronews, pure news.